Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Crying/Laughing Out Loud...

Oh Prince Charming... What are we gonna do with her... She is a raging ball of hormones, and just doesn't know what to do with her self... Let me paint a picture for you... before Bellyfish, My Prince Charming could be nicknamed Mellow Yellow, don't get the wrong idea she gets frustrated and upset but for the most part, she is easy going and easy to please... we suspected that she might be pregnant a few weeks ago when I ask her if she had eaten something that I was planning to use to make dinner and she had a complete melt down over it... accompanied with a screaming tantrum, slamming doors, and knocking over everything in her path as she quickly exited the scene... Me completely shocked by this odd behavior, laughed and thought hum-mm hormones?... Well let me tell you, they are in full swing... today we went to a store and as we were getting ready to get out of the car she seemed really mad... I ask her what was wrong and she started gripping at me about me being a i have any say in that, lol... then she starts crying telling me that she just feels so emotional, I being the ever so sympathetic wife(bad wife,lol) start laughing at her because this fit is just so ridiculous... she then starts to laugh at herself and laughs so hard that she starts bawling again... thru her tears she said something about this is supposed to get better after the first trimester... and all I could think was THAT IS 7 WEEKS AWAY... For Crying/laughing out loud I love this girl... ha ha ha!

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