Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It only takes one...

Christmas, oh how I love hate you... you see every year I get so excited that you are coming again... and I pull out the tree the beginning of November, and fill our home with the holiday spirit and cheer... I go all out you see... I mean I really decorate... and then it gets to about a week before Christmas, and I want to rip it all down, because the stress of the holidays mixed with the Cluttered holiday decor, makes me CRAZY...  that's why Yesterday before noon... My house was dechristmasfied, and I have a clean cozy living room to enjoy again... plus my birthday is in 8 days and I hate having Christmas stuff anywhere around my birthday... you would be that way to if your birthday had always been a Christmas after thought...  But Christmas this year as busy and stressful as it was, was very rewarding and fun... I don't think I have mentioned Gram yet, but she a very tiny 86 year old Japanese woman, who sometimes drives me completely insane but most of the time is the most amazing woman... She is Prince Charmings Grandma, and we have been taking care of her in our home for about a year now... Unfortunately the day before we found out we were preg last time the hospice doctor told us that gram very likely will not be around next Christmas, and although I don't like that, and choose to believe that she will be here for another, we made sure this Christmas was extra special for her... We always make jokes and say taking care of grandma was like we had a kid but we never got those cute cuddly years, but this Christmas it rang very true... she looked like a child wide eyed and so excited as we carried prob 20 gifts into her room for opening... It was so fun to see her excitement as she opened each gift... She had never really had a BIG Christmas till this year, and I couldn't help but tear up when in her very broken english, she told me that she felt like she had just had 10 Christmas's... It made all the stress of putting up with Prince Charmings mom well worth it, (maybe someday I will explain the Crazy woman that somehow bore my wonderful Prince Charming, but she  makes a prozac nervous, and my life Hell).
Grandma with her new Princess Phone...

 Hope giving a Christmas Cheer
Our Babies were Tired after playing with all the Toys they got
Hope and I Christmas day
And at the end of the LONG DAY... Whats better than a Silly Pic! 

Okay now that we got that out of the way... it's time for the good stuff... Baby Making has been attempted, and we are both very peaceful... we decided to make a bet to see who could go the longest without asking to take a pregnancy test... Prince Charming gets a meal at her favorite Mexican place if she wins, I get a Steak dinner if I win... I can already taste that Outback steak, and Garlic Mash... yumm... My thought on this is that hopefully the winner will also be rewarded with a positive test and we can celebrate with the meal! I am just hoping that the Holiday Magic  will be our Baby Dust, and make this a sticky little baby!!! After all it only takes one little swimmer to make our dreams come true!


  1. you are so funny...love the "I'm over Christmas" post...your dogs are ADORABLE...and my advice is HOLD OUT until the last possible moment. I feel good about this one. Take care.

  2. Great posting. And I love that you gave Gram the best Xmas ever. How sweet.