Monday, December 19, 2011

O mystery

The Big O Mystery... I feel as if I am going nuts waiting for the big O to come again... I know that it will happen, but I feel anxious everyday that we will miss it... the funny part about all this is that I am not scared that it won't work, or that we will have to try again... I can handle that... But I don't want to miss the opportunity to try this month... Silly I know, but I have to stress about something, or else I would just not be Me!


  1. i spent two years waiting for periods and ovulations and I can say that there is something about it that really just angers you. and i knew i couldn't control one thing but i still tried to WILL it to arrive. hang in there you two. The big O is just around the corner,...happy hols!

  2. I absolutely agree with Doug and Bill! It is right around the corner and for me waiting for it was in many ways worse than the tww! Keep your head up! It's coming soon!

  3. I completely agree! We are in the process of waiting for the big O ourselves and it drives me crazy. We are actually thinking it might hit on Christmas and if it does we'll be praying for a Christmas miracle. Any idea what your time frame is? Good luck, I hope this round works for all of us.

  4. Good luck! I don't know much about the big O but sounds like you are on it ;)
    Hope 2012 is the year for your BABY!