Friday, December 2, 2011


It has been a very emotional couple of days, I have felt more emotions the past few days than I think I have in my whole lifetime... excitement, joy, fear,  love, hate, and many more I am sure... It amazes me that I can love something so much before it even has a heartbeat, It has stolen my heart. Worry, Lord do I worry, I worry that I won't know how to do things, or that I will do something wrong... I fear for my Prince Charming and how she is doing and if she is gonna have a tough pregnancy. Love, boy oh boy, do I feel love... The Love of my life is carrying my Bellyfish... I have always adored her and think she is the most Handsome Prince in all the land, but now that she is carrying our Bellyfsh she is so Beautiful, I see a softness in her features, maybe I am just an emotional mess, but she is so stinking Beautiful... Hate, okay I know that is a strong word so I will say STRONGLY DISLIKE... I strongly dislike when you are sharing the news about the most amazing thing in your life, and people make it all about them... But most of all I just feel fortunate... I know how long people try, and at what great links they go to, to even get to this point in the journey, and I am thankful that we were blessed on the first try... 

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