Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A new love

I hate to say that anything good came out of the loss of belly fish, but I have to say that the Love that I feel for My Prince Charming, is amazing... She has been so Amazing, and we have grown so much closer through this. We have always said we are a great team, we will figure any problem out... we may bicker about the right solution, and which way is more effective, but we have conquered much in our 4 years together... moving 5 times, career changes, a wedding, death, and many other things. We have been so broke we ate once a day and that was Ramon, and we have been blessed enough to open our home up to friends. But at the end of the day we ALWAYS make it... This experience was a little different than others in the past... we Tag teamed it as unflattering as that sounds, it was just pure teamwork... When she was sad I was there to smile and tell her it is all gonna be okay, and when I feel sad she is my rock and tells me that the future has our baby in it... I Love my Prince Charming, and I can't wait to share the rest of my life loving her more and more... WE WILL HAVE A FAMILY... and because I know her... I have been changed for good...


  1. What an amazing attitude. I'm glad you found someone who will be there during the hard times and someone who will celebrate the amazing future you will have together.

  2. Beautiful post, just remember that together you are a family. A baby will just increase the size of that family. It will happen, it just takes time sometimes.