Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 lovely sights, Rated PG13

This Blog Entry is Rated PG 13 for mention of Boobies...

Last night I had two amazing sights... The First was when Prince Charming came out of the bathroom topless to show me that the Ginormo boob is back... in order to understand the significance of said Ginormo boob, you need a little history on the subject matter... You see last time when we tried we experienced the Ginormo boob... this is something that we have never noticed before, but one boob the right if you must know, seems to triple in size over night... leaving one normal boob and one Ginormo boob... now we are not for sure that this is pregnancy related because last time we tried was the first time it had ever happened. However we think it may be a good sign... so imagine my excitement when I got to not only see boobies, but the GINORMO BOOB...

My second amazing sight was this beautiful sunset in our front yard last night... not only was it beautiful, but the moon made it amazing... Here, see for yourself!


  1. What a happy post and loved the story behind the boob..:)

    The pictures are beautiful as well,and enjoy your blog..:)

    Keep up the great work!!


  2. One surrogate knew she was pregnant because of tingly boobs. I'm hoping the ginormo boob is an equally reliable sign.

  3. those are awesome shots!!!! :) i enjoyed this blog entry :) have a great weekend and a wonderful safe new year!

  4. Boobs are weird (JK JK)! BUT, I am hoping that the GINORMO boob means that our little bean will have a friend in 9 months!!!

  5. OMG..:)

    I hope this is the sign..:)

    Congradulations if there is a bun in the oven.(happy smile).

    Boobs surely do give off clues...and my thoughts are with you both..:)


  6. We agree on so many things here, me, I love boobies too! I'm also very envious of your sunset. The sky is gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what part of the country you girls are from?