Monday, January 9, 2012

before I am 30...

I have decided that since the big 30 is just a little under a year away that I would make some goals or a bucket list of sorts... as I approach the end of my glory 20's... so here goes...

2.) drop 30lbs
3.) watch 30 movies that Prince Charming likes or picks that I haven't seen
4.) have 30 date nights with other couples
5.) read 30 books
6.) Have 30 paying customers for Prescott Street Photography
7.) Make a blanket out of small granny squares
8.) throw away 365 things.
9.)  30 random acts of love for Prince Charming
10.) start/finish 30 craft projects big or small.

Let the Fun Begin...


  1. Those are great. When I turned 30 I decided to do an adventure every year (hot air balloon ride, glass blowing class, run a half marathon, etc.) but I like a lot of yours. I may have to re-think my birthday promises. I really like #3.

  2. Love these! I may have to "borrow" a couple. It looks like Ash and I will be cycling again with you girls this month! Let's hope this is our month.