Tuesday, January 10, 2012

let the marking off begin!

Most people that know me will tell you that if you want to do something crafty, that I am your girl... and I would tend to agree with them... there is not many things that I won't try to figure out... I love to tackle these projects, but tend to get bored fast... that is why I have included this very subject on my "before I am 30" list... I have projects started and not finished all over the house... so this weekend I finished some lamps that I made, and yesterday I finished a mirror I started...

 These lights were a little more complicated than I first thought they might be... I know what you are thinking they can't be that hard and they really aren't, but it was a huge mess, and it was way more stressful than I anticipated...  what you do is take a balloon and blow it up to about the size that you want... then you take liquid starch and basically you paper mache with yarn... sounds easy but after about the 10th time that you have it wrapped and it all slips off your balloon you will want to throw it like i wanted to... thank god that Prince Charming was able to stay calm when I was screaming at her because nothing was going my way, and talk me off the throwing the balloons at her edge... I think they turned out nice! lol... we hung them in the garage this weekend cause we have kinda made it a "living space" when we have friends over we hang out there a lot...

This mirror was in our downstairs bathroom, and I hated it... So I decided that I was going to make it more fun so it would go with the retro green I painted the bathroom... I started it and loved what was happening as I transformed it, however life gets busy and I left it sitting on the table in the garage for months now... you can tell because of all the dust I had to wipe off that this project was way neglected... but yesterday I conquered and it looks great!!

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  1. I have visions of being this crafty but it always ends up a gooey disorganized mess. You ROCK. Congrats on marking off some of the things on your list. Hoping to read good news soon!