Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May the Force be With You...

So I ended my last post explaining to you that Prince Charming brought home some movies Friday night to help me with my "before I am 30 list" at the time, I was VERY excited!!! Let's just say that excitement lasted about 10 min into the first movie... Star Wars The Phantom Menace. I am not giving these an epic failure review. I am just making it clear that I was not beating myself up afterwards asking myself how I had gone all 29 years of my life without experiencing said movies... instead I was begging  "The Force to be with me..." We ended up Watching the first 4 and then I could take no more... I needed a break... I will watch the other two soon, because Prince Charming Picked them as part of her 30 movies, but I just was all light sabered out... I am glad that I watched them... because now when nerdy people make references, I might get them.
       We watched them in order 1-4 instead of watching them the way that they were released... Prince Charming was sure that this would be the best way for me to actually understand and ENJOY them... but my take on the story goes a little something like this...( please forgive my nomenclature if you love these movies) Jedi meets little boy, Princess has secret identity... cool creatures, fighting, more fighting, someone dies,  little boy grows up and becomes Jedi, Princess grows up and becomes Hot... They hook up... get married... fighting, more fighting, Yoda Fights ( this part I really did enjoy), someone dies... princess gets knocked up, baby daddy goes crazy and turns to the dark side...fighting, more fighting, someone dies,  Princess dies after having twins... twins get separated so that mean baby daddy can't find them...(This is where watching them in this order caused me problems...movie number 4) little girl grows up to be new Princess sends message to old jedi, using super cute droids (I really liked these two robots), her brother starts crushing on her... they fight some bad people... baby daddy is in the mix somewhere...fighting, more fighting, someone dies,  and then Brother starts laying on the moves... it was at about this point when this whole mess became torture for me... maybe watching them in this order was not such a good idea... but check 4 movies off of my "30 movies that Prince Charming wants me to see" list... and it all seems a little more worth it...
I was so "entranced" by the movies, that I  had to find something to make the time go by a little faster... so I began working on a blanket for my niece Isabella that will be arriving in a few months... My sister in law, I am sure is already dreading us nicknaming this child... because we are known for this... Malachi her oldest is "Chi" to us... pronounced like pie but with a K... the soon to be middle child is Josiah,  while pregnant with him she was persistent that it would not be shortened to Joey... or anything like that... so We started calling Him our little Jo Jo... it stuck... and I already dream about calling little Isabella, Izzy my Bell or Bella
       We also did a little reorganizing of the kitchen this weekend... we have lived here for a year now and we are just figuring out how to best use all of our space... it was a mad dash to get moved in and things have been okay... but sometimes finding things can be a chore... so while moving things around, we found several things to add to my get rid of basket... which is soon going to have to be emptied so I can start filling it again... we had an extra toaster, strainer, thermoses, a set of tap lights, vases, canisters, and many more... But that's 33 more things to check off of my "get rid of 365 things" list

a mist the kitchen being a complete mess, Gram decided that she wanted to listen to some music... We got her a brand new CD player for Christmas you see, because the one she had was old and ancient... and well ugly... the new one is snow white and crisp and clean and much lighter and smaller which we thought would fit this old fastidious woman to a 'T'... after plugging in her new CD player and getting her all set up she decided she didn't like the quality of sound of the new one and wanted Old faithful back... we were more than happy to trade it out for her and I found great joy in watching her sit and stare at the old heap of plastic as she listened to her "Tom Jones Englebert Humperdink Sing Country Favorites" CD... I also found humor in the fact that she is not sitting around listening to old records, no it's a very old CD player...

    Something you may have figured out already (I remind you of my "Before I am 30 list") is that I have a new found passion for list making... I get such a thrill out of making a list and then checking everything off of it... I have recently become a much better house keeper thanks to my list making addiction... in fact I have been keeping the house clean enough (with Prince Charmings help of course) that today I had all of my list checked off by eleven, so I spent an hour scrubbing the shower ( like really scrubbing with dryer sheets... it works really well in a shower, FYI... I had  heard this some time ago and today it was confirmed... dryer sheets are in fact amazing scum fighters!) I would never have done that before... house work was in fact a CHORE to me... but I enjoy checking it all off now... I also have a new found passion for blogging... which you may also have noticed... ;)  When you put these two passions together you get well this... another really long post... thank goodness that Prince Charming finds both of the before mentioned cute... because many times a day she loses me as I stop what ever we are doing, run and get my list and make notes for my next blog...
     Something else you may not know is that Prince Charming is an amazing artist... and, well... I am just SO not... Sometimes we play a game that we named (just the other night when we were playing it again,  because it has to have a name if you are gonna blog about it...) Cou-doodle... couple doodling...!!! How we play is Prince Charming will draw something and then I try to draw it exactly like she did. It is if nothing else,  comical for Price Charming to watch my attempts I am sure. the First one we did was themed "In the Park"... the Next one was "Fairy Garden"... Cheesy and Gay I know... but look who we are talking about!

     Moving to complete randomness now... Prince Charming and I were listening to the radio this weekend and I heard a commercial for "Sesame Street on Ice" and I ask her nonchalantly if she would want to take our future kids to something like that, in which she responded "of course it will be a great excuse to get to go." My thoughts exactly!!!  but then something awful happened... we started talking about similar things we had got to do as kids and I mentioned getting to see the Zoobilee Zoos...  and the appsopause was haunting... She has never heard of them... Please tell me that at least one of you know and loved the Zoobilee Zoos... I loved that show when I was a kid... I even (somewhere) have a signed poster from when I got to see them... I mean they made the stinking scrapbook as a kid folks!!! Now I am gonna have to find some internet upload of an episode and make her watch it!

And last, but not least... For my birthday Gram gave me a 100 bill... I used it to buy the yarn for my granny square blanket on my "things to do before I am 30 list". I was excited to show her what I got last night... she is so stinking funny... It's fun times like these that I will have forever in my heart!

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  1. Just so you know, you two are freaking adorable! I love your blog and how honest you are about everything so I am presenting your blog with the Liebster award! Check out http://paradykes.blogspot.com/2012/01/liebster-award.html to see what it all means. Much love, Bobbie