Friday, January 13, 2012

Epic Failure...

One of my goals on my  "Before I am 30" List... is to read 30 books this year before I turn 30... I had a few in mind as I put his on the list... one being "We bought a Zoo"... I was so excited about this book that I chose to read it first... thinking It would be so good that I could knock it out in a few days... let me tell you something... finishing this book was torture for me... and I enjoy reading... All I can say is that I hope the movie is nothing like the book... the previews look touching and inspirational, and portrays itself to be one of those movies that will make you laugh one min and cry the next... so naturally, I expected to book to be awesome... but instead epic failure! (all readers have a right to there own thoughts on this, but please spare telling me how much you loved this book because I would love to learn what rock you grew up under and introduce you to some real authors...) Harsh... I know, but it was like reading the cue cards for a documentary... it is so spastic, there is absolutely no personality in it at is non moving and un-inspirational and by the end of it you think of the book as really just another way for him to try to make some more money... which then pisses you off, because the jerk didn't even write a good book... ugh... All that to say that I have now checked my first of 30 books off my list... let's hope that the next 29 aren't so tortuous...
     In other news... Prince Charming stopped on her way home from work and picked up a few movies for me to watch to tackle a few off of that list... I am excited to get to experience movies with her that I would otherwise probably NEVER watch... it's good for me... I am expanding my horizon... I won't spoil the fun of my next post by telling you what movies she brought home... you will just have to wait and see!!!


  1. I so want to see that movie, I hope it doesn't disappoint like the book. It really does look like a tear jerker, my favorite kind of movie!

  2. boy you are going at this list with a vengeance! you go, girl! haha